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進擊的巨人 – An Overview

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▶ 游戲由日本原著正版受權,讓玩家化身調查兵團一員,在各類巨人追擊中殺出重圍,與鎧之巨人,女巨人一較高下。真實劇情與副本動畫交替呈現,每一章節劇情環環相扣,劇情細節的完美移植。
▶ 玩家與玩家之間共同組建最強小分隊共同擊退巨人,守護人類最後的希望。為人類獻出你的心臟。
▶ 再現《進撃の巨人》原著中的壁外調查,每次開始壁外調查,壁外的區域都是未知的,在壁外調查中,會遇到各種難度的巨人
▶ 人類的敵人並非只有巨人,人與人之間同樣也有戰爭,玩家之間的即時戰鬥情景、兵團與兵團之間多人戰鬥,爭奪壁外物資控制權。
“Attack on Titan” 100% genuine original heritage “into clicks の giant” style animation scene! Attack on Titan continues the story, created to find and attack the giant weaknesses and target the key battle! Join seamlessly animation and game interface. And add drama section lets you immediately relive the passion of the Giants.
Breaking the traditional stiff card, no brain flow combat bottlenecks, achieve immediate release skills, perfect to restore the three-dimensional maneuvering propulsion device!
Designed the chase, the guardian of a variety of battle modes, and the introduction of interactive battle scene destroyed, faithful reproduction of the original attack on the World War II super giant walls, horseback chase the grasslands, interior of the building was destroyed and other classic giant battle scenes!
Attack on Titan comics layout using the copy of the game, is set to Hanji proving ground for science and technology systems, as well as the gates were opened outside wall of the expedition, the mysterious treasure of teaching wall, mining and other dangerous Rostow, DC systems and games are played perfectly with the original settings combine to make the players feel at home, to enhance the player’s sense of substitution.
[Game Features]
※ ※ genuine original
▶ Japanese original genuine authorized by the game, allowing the player avatar investigation Corps one, Deus Ex in pursuit of all kinds of giant, and the giant armor, the giantess a high. True story and a copy of the animation alternately appear, each chapter the story closely, perfect transplant story details.
※ ※ together
▶ strongest teams jointly established between the player and the players to defeat the Giants, the guardian of humanity’s last hope. Mankind gave your heart.
※ ※ wall outside investigation
▶ reproduction “into clicks の giant” in the original investigation outside wall, each wall outside the investigation began, the area outside of the wall are unknown, outside the walls of the survey, the Giants will encounter a variety of difficulty
※ ※ human warfare
▶ enemy of mankind is not the only giants, there are also wars between people, real-time combat situations between players, multiplayer battle between the Corps and the Corps, compete for control of the wall of the outer material.
▶ To give you a better gaming experience, the game installation package large capacity, in order to properly install the game make sure the phone memory is greater than 2G.
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