Free Download 第五人格 1.0.214838 APK Mod – 第五人格 Cheat

Free Download 1.0.214838 APK Mod Cheat

 Free Download 1.0.214838 APK Mod Cheat

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第五人格 – An Overview

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(1) 場景內新增電話亭,求生者和監管者均可透過電話亭與莊園主人通話並使用獲得的積分來購買道具,道具除了傳統模式的手持物(不包括盲杖、門之鑰)外還包含了聯合狩獵模式的專屬道具。這些道具的加入將使得遊戲內容更加豐富,同時提升遊戲的競技性與趣味性;
(2) 求生者可同時攜帶兩種手持物,玩家可以自由搭配手持物與監管者進行對抗,同時監管者也可攜帶一種手持物,透過手持物與技能的搭配,可產生意想不到的效果。





-非對稱對抗玩法 心跳的追逃體驗

-狂歡莊園故事 曲折離奇案件重現

-哥德式黑暗畫風 荒誕詭異升級

-個性角色蒐集 多種職業技能搭配



Celebrate the Lunar New Year, limited time promotion opens: Spring Festival theme package [暮春行] and [burning spring dance] 6.8 fold on the mall, novice experience gift package 40% off the mall.
1. [New game – joint hunting]
The manor chasing the escape game is upgraded, the two regulators will start the game of chasing and fleeing with the eight survivors, and the new gameplay also adds more mechanisms:
(1) In the scene, a new telephone booth is added. Both the survivor and the supervisor can talk to the owner of the estate through the telephone booth and use the points earned to purchase the props. In addition to the traditional model of the hand (not including the cane, the key of the door) Contains exclusive props for the joint hunting mode. The addition of these items will make the game content richer, and at the same time enhance the game’s competitive and interesting;
(2) Survivors can carry two kinds of hand-held objects at the same time, players can freely match the hand-held objects and the regulators, and the supervisor can also carry a hand-held object, which can produce unexpected effects through the combination of hand-held objects and skills.

2. [New Supervisor – Soul of the Umbrella]
Fan Wuzhen and Xie Bi’an sent their souls to the umbrella. The two yin and yang were born, but they could not meet each other. The impermanence is impermanent, and the witnesses are lost, and the first active form switchable regulator joins the manor!

3. [New Scene – Moon River Park]
After a nightmare-like event, it became a taboo for residents nearby. New interaction mechanism, new scenes.

4[New Gift Pack – Little Red Riding Hood]
The mall has a Little Red Riding Hood package, including the mechanic’s rare fashion – Little Red Riding Hood and the rare carry-on – hunter’s bow and arrow bag!

【game introduction】
“Fifth Personality” is NetEase’s first asymmetric competition against competitive sports. The absurd Gothic style, the suspenseful brainstorming, and the stimulating 1V4 asymmetric confrontation gameplay will bring a new gaming experience to the players. The player will become detective Orpheus, and after receiving a mysterious letter of entrustment, he will enter a notorious estate to investigate a disappearance. In the course of conducting the evidence investigation, Orpheus will use the deductive method to review the case. At the time of the case review, the player can choose to act as a supervisor or a survivor to launch a fierce confrontation. In the process of investigation, when it is infinitely close to the facts, it finds more and more incredible truth.

[game features]
-Asymmetric confrontation gameplay
Players can play both the role of a survivor and a supervisor in the game. The goal of the four survivors is to decipher the five ciphers to escape from the gate. The goal of the regulator is to eliminate all the survivors. In the game, the player uses the character’s exclusive skills or props to feel the excitement of the heartbeat and the strategic confrontation in a game of chasing the game.

– Carnival Manor Story Reappearing in a twisty and bizarre case
“…just like a beast that is about to be shackled by the abyss, disguising himself as a monster, afraid to involve others in it, but eager for redemption…” In the darkness of the manor, many invitees After the game carnival, I still don’t realize that I am in a dark whirlpool, and I can no longer distinguish between goodness and evil.

– Gothic dark style, ridiculously different upgrade
The crow hovered in the night sky, the misty woods, in the mysterious game atmosphere, interpreting a series of unknown cases buried in the Caucasus Mountains. Victorian historical elements, dark cloaked characters, black and white nostalgic animated style, the truth is silent in the details of the image.

– Personality role collection, a variety of professional skills
Behind each character are hidden stories, either for money, for grievances, or for love, and they are invited to this mysterious manor. The player will enter the game character and replay the process of the case to carry out clues. The fog of the truth of the case will not be forever covered.

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※ “Fifth Personality” is classified into 15 levels according to the game software classification management method. This application gameplay involves sex, violence, and terror.
※This application game is free to use, and there are also paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
※Please experience according to your personal interests and abilities, and pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.