Download Ta La – Phom – Tala 1.4.2 APK Mod – Ta La – Phom – Tala Cheat

Download Ta La – Phom – Tala 1.4.2 APK Mod Ta La – Phom – Tala Cheat

 Download Ta La – Phom – Tala 1.4.2 APK Mod Ta La – Phom – Tala Cheat

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Ta La – Phom – Tala – An Overview

Tala, Phom Offline (Phom Ta La XoViet) is a Vietnamese Rummy card game called “Phỏm – Tá Lả” played with a standard deck of cards. The objective of the game is to exchange cards in a hand to form combinations of cards called Phom Tala (phỏm) and to reduce the number of points left in the cards that are not in any Phom (phỏm). This variance of Rummy is played throughout Vietnam, though it is much more popular in northern provinces of Vietnam. Ta La, Phom Offline is for 2-4 people and it is best to play the game with 4 people. In Tala, each player initially has 9 cards except the first player who has 10 cards. The remaining deck of cards is left in the middle of the game table.

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– Free to play Phom, Ta La XoViet without an account.
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– Auto mode, hands-free, save more time.
– Play Tala without banner ads during on table.
– Free 1000 Chip for each player.
Fixed bugs