Download Spanish checkers 1.0.8 APK Mod – Spanish checkers Cheat

Download Spanish checkers 1.0.8 APK Mod Spanish checkers Cheat

 Download Spanish checkers 1.0.8 APK Mod Spanish checkers Cheat

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Spanish checkers – An Overview

Spanish draughts is a variant of the draughts family. It is a two-handed game played on a board consisting of sixty-four squares, thirty-two white and thirty-two black. There are twenty-four pieces: twelve white and twelve black. The board is placed so that the rightmost square on both sides of the board is black.

The goal – to destroy all opponent’s checkers or “lock” them (ie. e. make it impossible to move).

From features of application:
– Saving games in the database
– Wide choice of boards and figures
– Several levels of difficulty.