Download PerCity – The Persian City APK Mod – PerCity – The Persian City Cheat

Download PerCity – The Persian City APK Mod PerCity – The Persian City Cheat

 Download PerCity – The Persian City APK Mod PerCity – The Persian City Cheat

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PerCity – The Persian City – An Overview

Revive the lost and ancient empire of Persians! Build your cool city, as you grow it, keep your citizen happy by producing the products they need!

– More than 30 different building to grow your city
– More than 70 different products to produce
– Ranking table for the most successful cities
– Mysterious sections that would unlock when you level up in the game
– A perfect experience from the old Persian empire and culture
– Optimized for iOS and Android

Telegram Channel:
Fixed tribe chat scrolling issues
Add the ability of scrolling to the first unread message on tribe chat
Tribe chat messages will be sent automatically after internet disconnection and reconnection
Fixed bugs in the animation of factories and time issues
Fixed “The game was open for too long …” error message
Fixed Co-Op screen bug after first opening
Changed and enhanced title of like ranking
Fixed level-up popup bug
Fixed tribe chat history bug
Other minor improvements and bug fixes