Free Download 【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」 1.2.0 APK Mod – 【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」 Cheat

Free Download 50vs50 Fantasy Earth Genesis 1.2.0 APK Mod 50vs50 Fantasy Earth Genesis Cheat

 Free Download 50vs50 Fantasy Earth Genesis 1.2.0 APK Mod 50vs50 Fantasy Earth Genesis Cheat

When you find yourself a 【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」 video gamers looking for a way have some fun within the mobile game that often asks for your hard earned cash, then you’re likely in the place to help you do that, the fresh 【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」  cheat trick makes it possible for online gamers to fully make the most of their personal game app without ever costs any amount.

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The 【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」 Hack runs on both Smartphonedevices and is actually able to generated unlimited resources promptly, all by just a couple of clicks, it can be totally risk-free and it does not require any APK modding because this is made for amazing.

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【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」 – An Overview

【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」 1.2.0 DreamHackers 4【50vs50】ファンタジーアース ジェネシス「Fantasy Earth Genesis」 1.2.0 DreamHackers 5



アクションRPG「ファンタジーアース ジェネシス」














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・通信状態や緊急メンテナンスなどで ゲームへ接続がおこなえない場合がございます。
・他のお客様とのトラブルにならないよう、 マナーを守ったゲームプレイをお願いします。
Three alliances speculation over Crystal ─
Each feeling, each role ─
People who break down chaos No power, “summoned beast”
In case
A large scale war where 100 people are confused!
In case
Action RPG “Fantasy Earth Genesis”
In case
In case
“Game introduction”
In case
▼ Individual rich “three alliances” that players can choose freely
Always bright and lively “Eilzan”
“Adelevalu” aiming for the rebuilding of an unbreakable empire
A waterside water city “Kemudove”
Belong to your favorite alliance, lead the alliance to victory!
In case
▼ Large-scale warfare to be held at “Max 100 people”
50 people vs. 50 action opponents realized with smartphone!
It is good to fight in unrepentant distress, it is good to attack with confidentiality!
Let’s run around a vast battlefield with friends!
In case
▼ “5 occupations” with a role
“Soldier” “Striker” “Assassin” “Hunter” “Wizard”
Each has its own features and roles, and every occupation is essential to the battlefield.
Protecting your side, scouting, shooting fireworks …
Let’s collaborate and advance battle advantageously!
In case
▼ “Summoned Beast” with overwhelming power
Summoned beasts have big features in each.
Stop enemies with high mobility,
It has a high attack power and pierces infantry …
There are high-risk high return summon beasts that can aim for reversal inside!
In case
In case
In case
This world is about “Crystal”, and there are several wars
It continued for a long time.
In case
The governance by the Torquaymai Empire who finally visited,
It slowly rots by the hands of aristocrats.
Empire will be destroyed by the great warfare stemming from rebellion against tyranny.
In case
While the dispute after the rebellion expanded, the center of the continent of Escetia,
A large amount of Crystal discovery reports arrive around the beginning of the earth.
In case
Soon the alliance began to be concluded among the countries with close ideological thought,
It was a confrontation structure of powerful three major alliances …
In case
With each thought in my heart, the world again makes a crystal
I will step forward to the alliance war you want.
In case
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In case

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