Download チェインクロニクル3 -チェインシナリオ王道RPG- 3.8.7 APK Mod – チェインクロニクル3 -チェインシナリオ王道RPG- Cheat

Download -RPG- 3.8.7 APK Mod -RPG- Cheat

 Download -RPG- 3.8.7 APK Mod -RPG- Cheat

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チェインクロニクル3 -チェインシナリオ王道RPG- – An Overview

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Collect and to the new volunteer –

The overwhelming volume scenario and more than 800 characters are interwoven
Road Road Smaho RPG “Chain Chronicle 3”

▼ Story
Around the Chronicle, a magnificent story RPG that transcends time
“1” which depicts black armies and battle of volunteers
You can freely come and go “3” set in the world a few years later

▼ Character
Let’s deepen ties with over 800 unique characters
There are also events where you can see unexpected aspects of your friends

▼ Battle
Move the character by tapping
One touch to activate deathblow
Refreshing Tower Defense Battle RPG

▼ luxurious voice actors
Akira Ishida Sakura Ayane Maaya Uchida Koiwai birds Junichi Yanagida Hoshino early Ami Koshimizu Jun Fukuyama Chiwa Saito Sawashiro Shizuka Ito Shiori Mikami Ai Nonaka Hidemi Kato Sato Satomi Sato Tetsuya Kakihara Yumi Hara Ken Hironori Yuichi Hikari Midorikawa Kana Hanazawa Yuka Iguchi Nakamura Takahiro Sakurai Miyuki Tomokazu Sugita Keihiro Takahama Kompei Osaka Emiko Yamaguchi Aya Uchida Aya Koyama Mimi Fukumura Misato Fujimura Ayumi Koabayashi Yuu Kobayashi Mai Fuchigami Mai Murakawa Riki Inada Toru Akabane Kenji Tamura Yukari Terasaki Yuka Terasaki Yuka Minaguchi Yuko Fukui Yukari Kunita Akira Shibasaki Noriko Hatanaka Maruya Riko Koike Takahiro Ootsubo Park Yumi Gossami Masanobu Ito Kana Misawa Senka Hiyama Hideyuki Hiyama Sakuma Ray Hayami Akira Fujii Yukiyoshi Nogawa Sakura Mine Inori Mari Inoue Kaori Mizuhashi Kikuko Inoue etc.

▼ Recommended for people like Chenkoroku
· I want to enjoy full-fledged royal road RPG
· I want to play with role-playing games where I can adventure with charming characters
· I like the fantasy view of the world where swords, magic, fairies and demons, etc. appear
· I want to enjoy it at my own pace alone
· I want to enjoy scenarios with volume
· A lot of quests are prepared
· I like a battle that can be operated easily with one touch
· I want to capture while devising party organization
· I want to enjoy it at my own pace (single play)
· I like a battle that can be operated easily with one touch (with auto play)
· Those who like portable novels and light novels