Download Faraway: Puzzle Escape 1.0.3742 APK Mod – Faraway: Puzzle Escape Cheat

Download Faraway Puzzle Escape 1.0.3742 APK Mod Faraway Puzzle Escape Cheat

 Download Faraway Puzzle Escape 1.0.3742 APK Mod Faraway Puzzle Escape Cheat

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Faraway: Puzzle Escape – An Overview

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Escape the ancient temples in Faraway: Puzzle Escape that are full of challenges and mysterious puzzles. This room escape game will surely challenge your puzzle escaping ability. One of the best escape games ever! See why we have been globally featured and adored by millions. Room escape puzzle game that will completely challenge your mind, captivate you & offer hours of amazing mobile gaming entertainment. 

You’re walking in the footsteps of your father. He was a collector of unusual artifacts who went missing ten years ago. Your journey will take you from deserts and oasis to old crumbling ruins of a mysterious civilization. They had constructed devices and puzzles to see if you’re worthy of knowing their secrets. Observe the environment, collect items, manipulate devices and solve perplexing puzzles to escape temple labyrinths.

Explore 18 grand temples packed with escape puzzles. Turn, explore, think and truly open your eyes, if you want to experience the best in this excellent combination of escape games and 3D relaxing puzzle games.

Easy to navigate 3D world which holds more secrets than it appears on the surface. One of the most mesmerizing graphics and ambient soundtrack you will find in the escape games genre.

Collect pages from your father’s missing diary to find out what happened to your family. A puzzle game that will take challenge your mind and completely engage you!

You get to try the escape game before you buy. The first 9 levels are available free of charge! Experience the story of Faraway, a gaming experience with immersive original puzzles that impress.

The puzzle game looks beautiful on new 18:9 phones and also shines on tablet devices. Enjoy stunning and astoundingly detailed graphics that look exquisite.

Enter all new astonishing worlds of room escape games & puzzles with Faraway: Puzzle Escape!
Find missing diary notes and unlock two new free levels. Go to BONUS in level select to find new levels.