Download 乐舞团OL:音乐跳舞游戏 1.0 APK Mod – 乐舞团OL:音乐跳舞游戏 Cheat

Download OL 1.0 APK Mod OL Cheat

 Download OL 1.0 APK Mod OL Cheat

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乐舞团OL:音乐跳舞游戏 – An Overview

乐舞团. 恋爱的开始!

● 新增永恒天神套装,蓝色物语套装!
● 光明精灵翅膀宝箱,现已上架,炫酷全场!
● 新周活动,累积在线免费领金币扭蛋卷!

※ 坐骑功能,将在12月份更新上架,敬请期待~

正式登陆App Store,精彩触动,指尖浪漫~





Music and dance troupe. The beginning of love!
Follow the rhythm of the dance and challenge the strongest Beat star~!

New content:
● Added eternal gods suit, blue story set!
● Bright Elf Wings Treasure Chest, now on the shelves, cool all over!
● New Week event, accumulate online free gold coin toss!

※ The mount function will be updated in December, so stay tuned~

[Genuine mobile game, official authorization]
Carefully developed over 2 years, new UI and map, cross-era social sound dance mobile game!
Officially launched on the App Store, exciting touch, fingertip romance~

[3D community, big pool, free party]
Large map, free to explore, unlimited scenery,
Have fun in the same community pool, meet and chat at any time, meet the TA around you!

[Character clothing, wear it at will]
Free to match clothing, headwear, cool mounts! Mix and match the most confident you.
Your exclusive cloakroom, street fashion luxury, Korean new coat, all can be found here

[Online Party, free love]
100 people online pool party, feel the excitement in the crowd, encounter the TA
Put fireworks, fun interaction, and enter each other’s heart!

[Professional tuning, new music]
Genuine popular music library + 24 hours update, the pursuit of rhythm, the ultimate pleasure!
Cool touch, super musical sense~

If you like our game, please feel free to give us a review and leave a message.
“Official QQ Group”: 902342762
“Official Facebook”: and Dances Online-314655369303467