Download モンスターストライク 13.0.1 APK Mod – モンスターストライク Cheat

Download 13.0.1 APK Mod Cheat

 Download 13.0.1 APK Mod Cheat

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モンスターストライク – An Overview

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◆ Festival · User reached 45 million people! / TV commercials acclaimed on air! ◆

【Game introduction】
“Hitting Hunting RPG!” Which can enjoy up to 4 people at the same time on smartphones and tablets!
Become a monster master and collect lots of monsters with different abilities!
More than 1000 kinds of monsters rich will be waiting for you!

▼ Easy rule
Just pull the monster and hit the enemy!
If you hit an ally monster, a friendship combo is activated!
At first glance monsters with weak offensive strength may also show unexpected power when the combo is activated!

Definitely Strike Shot!
When the battle turn has passed, you can use Special Move “Strike Shot”!
The technique depends on monsters, are you using the instant? Waiting until the boss?
Timing to use separates life and death!?

▼ Collect and grow and become stronger!
Let’s synthesize and raise monsters you’ve acquired with battle and gacha!
In order to evolve strongly evolved materials will be needed besides monsters.
Grow strong monsters and make your strongest team!

▼ Down from heaven, a monster of a different world!
The boss does not always come to the end of the stage!
Try to fight at all times with a perfect attitude!

▼ Let’s defeat the enemy with your friends!
Up to 4 people can play simultaneously with friends at the same time!
I will challenge quest with stamina for one person!
Even a strong enemy who can not be defeated by one person may be defeated if all together by working together!
There are plenty of rare quests dedicated to multiplayer!
Defeat the rare monster and get it!

+++ 【price】 +++
App body: free
※ There are some charged items.

+++ [Recommended environment] +++
Android 4.3.0 or higher
(It is not possible to operate under Android 4.3.0)
* Even terminals that satisfy the recommended environment may not operate properly depending on terminal performance, specifications, application specific usage of terminals, etc.

For details, please check the following URL.

+++ [About the handling of personal information] +++
Monster Strike is an option to invite SMS from the phone book as a way to make it easier to connect with friends.
Please be assured that phone numbers will not be used for purposes other than invitation.

Before you use “Application License Agreement”
Please be sure to check the displayed terms of use before using it.