Download Ultimate Pirates 0.0.19 APK Mod – Ultimate Pirates Cheat

Download Ultimate Pirates 0.0.19 APK Mod Ultimate Pirates Cheat

 Download Ultimate Pirates 0.0.19 APK Mod Ultimate Pirates Cheat

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Ultimate Pirates – An Overview

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There was a time I was called Liam de Cautman. My story began in 1798 when I left home for the sailing expedition around the world. I knew the journey was going to be long and exhausting so I carefully picked the best crew I could find. Two days after we left the port our ship was hit by a squall so powerful that the beams’ endings almost lied onto the water. While the crew restlessly tried to save the ship from sinking, the massive figure appeared out of the night blackness. For a moment we froze and couldn’t stop staring at the giant sea dragon. The topgallant sail was torn, and three whaleboats were badly damaged while it crashing the starboard of our ship. The jaded crew couldn’t cope with accruing damage and I decided to get out of this place as quickly as possible without any repairs. Everybody were seized by the horror of what we saw and we all breathed a sigh of relief when we moored to the nearest island to take a rest…

10 years passed in thriveless attempts to leave these islands, these damned seas. We gave up and finally stopped trying. While being amidst unbeknown waters we noticed that none of us grew old. These seas are the source of immortality! Oh, what a wonderful gift, we thought. But we didn’t know yet what terrible curse is to be immortal. It can become worse than the black plague. We greedily began occupying the nearest islands and developed them in a hurry. When that wasn’t enough we started fighting and defeating sea monsters, attacking and robbing each other, but never, ever could not kill to death. Each of us yearned to become the Ruler of these Seas. This war is neverending. It has been going on for ages, and it became our only entertainment.

We are pirates and our fellowship is growing constantly. All casual sailors, just like we were once, will remain here forever. Newcomers join alliances to battle against us and effectively fight their way against sea monsters. I feel like overseeing at this all from the dawn of time itself. Many gave up but countless succeeded and found their peace here. You will always find a way to experience and prove yourself.

Well, I had more than enough time to thinking and claim that it was the best adventure I ever had the honor to lead. Listen to the sea, the sea never lies!

Forever yours,
Captain Blackbeard
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