Download SCP – Containment Breach APK Mod – SCP – Containment Breach Cheat

Download SCP – Containment Breach APK Mod SCP – Containment Breach Cheat

 Download SCP – Containment Breach APK Mod SCP – Containment Breach Cheat

For those that are a SCP – Containment Breach online gamers wanting to have some fun in a Android game that often asks for your hard earned money, then you are in the site that will help you do that, a unique SCP – Containment Breach  hack let enthusiasts to thoroughly really enjoy their gaming without the need for spending some money.

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SCP – Containment Breach – An Overview

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This port was not created by the creators of the original PC game [SCP Contaⅈnment Breach]

The game contains
– Good graphics
– Scary atmosphere
– many NPCs: SCP-173 SCP-066 SCP-106 SCP-096 SCP-049 SCP-939 MTF and more!
– All endings
– The complete SCP CB map
– An inventory system
– good optimization
– A console (cheats)
and a few other cool features

This game was made with Unity

If you found a mistake or have suggestions, write them
in the reviews below.
We will try to answer as many reviews as possible

© The content of this game is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license

Link to the original game:

Original game by Undertow Games

Android port by me (Felix Filip)

Do not forget to check my YouTube channel out 🙂

There will be more updates soon

Have fun!
-Re-made all endings
-Improved some events
-Fixed most screen resolution errors
-Added Mods
-Fixed NoClip
-Fixed Bugged Doors
-Fixed 173 AI Bugs
-Remade SCP-939’s AI (Cant see through walls / boxes)
-SCP-294 now works (Requires a 50 cent coin which can be found in 079’s chamber)
-Fixed other minor bugs