Free Download Shogi Free (Beginners) 1.0.13 APK Mod – Shogi Free (Beginners) Cheat

Free Download Shogi Free Beginners 1.0.13 APK Mod Shogi Free Beginners Cheat

 Free Download Shogi Free Beginners 1.0.13 APK Mod Shogi Free Beginners Cheat

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Shogi Free (Beginners) – An Overview

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You do not need to know the rules! It is a novice friendly soft shogi application.

There is also an interpersonal warfare function that two people can use instead of a shogi board.
From the explanation of the piece, since explanation of the rule is also included, it is perfect for those who want to remember the rules.
Because we are installing from a weak level AI, we will be able to win with just a little practice! .

◆ Recommended for people like this!
Those who would like to play Shogi with weak AI
Those who are about to start shogi in their free time
Those who do not know the rules of shogi, but who are trying to start shogi by watching animation and movies

◆ Update schedule
Update shogi’s explanatory function

◆ When you contact us, please contact us with your terminal and Gmail address.
Since November 5, applications before this version can not connect to the server, please update the application.