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Download TCG 1.2.8 APK Mod TCG Cheat

 Download TCG 1.2.8 APK Mod TCG Cheat

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トリプルモンスターズ: TCG(トレーディングカードゲーム) 1.2.8 DreamHackers 1

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トリプルモンスターズ: TCG(トレーディングカードゲーム) – An Overview

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世界観・シナリオ原案を「佐島 勤」先生が担当。





世界観・シナリオ原案:佐島 勤



Android 4.4以降
Masterpiece of the Trading Card Game
Triple Monsters (Torimon) is finally released!
Bushiroad case enjoy the TCG × RPG that give is!
Summons case, this is woven is “3” story

◆ game introduction of triple Monsters
Bushiroad is give trading card game!
Start the application, as soon as the card battle can enjoy!
The main character design a “Suzuhito Yasuda” teacher.
In the sub-character design “turtle Saemon” teacher.
The world scenario draft “Tsutomu Sajima” teacher in charge.
Multi-scenario in which six of the boys and girls to proceed from the perspective of each character!

◆ card battle
Anyone play easy operation of the TCG unique!
Simple card battle Game 1 is determined by the 3 hand!
Steal victory insight the hands of the other party!

◆ PVP (battle mode)
Let Kurihirogeyo the Japan players and hot fight.
Can battle competition mode if the country anytime, anywhere player and digital card game unique “triple Monsters”!
Going to get a reward with victory in PVP! Winning laurels for’m you!

◆ story mode
Enjoy the story mode of the charming character our Torimon!
Deliver voice of the character in full voice by gorgeous voice actors!
Proceeds from the perspective of each character, multi-scenario the deployment change!

[Recommended for those who like]
Trading Card favorite game (TCG) is
I want to enjoy the card battle in the smartphone –
– voice actor’s wish to enjoy the full voice
I like role-playing game
I want to do the card battle in pvp ·
Of the card game unique to want to make the strongest deck of your own
Of · TCG unique want to make only the deck yourself
– I want speedrun the trading card game
I want to enjoy the trading card game in Mobile
– make a strategy you want to capture the TCG
· Adults immersive looking for a trading card game
– you are looking for online card game
– looking for a role-playing game can enjoy free
, Popular among the game apps are looking for a TCG that full use of strategy
– to play for free are looking for a trading card game that can be online play
Are interested in TCG · Bushiroad game looking of
I want to kill time in a card game
Like the rich card game story that youth is taste
Digital card games (DCG) likes
Monster and are looking for a battle to TCG
And operation are looking for a simple TCG (Trading Card Game)
– for the first time do TCG are looking for a (trading card game)

View of the world scenarios draft: Tsutomu Sajima
The main character design: Suzuhito Yasuda
Sub Character Design: Saemon turtle

[Gorgeous voice actors]
Jun Shirota
Haruka Chisuga
Aoi Shota
Shūta Morishima
Mirai Sasaki
Yuka Ozaki
Yuichi Nakamura
Yoshioka 茉祐
Hikaru Tono
Chinami Hashimoto
Yangtze River Rika
Takehito Koyasu
Nishimoto Limited
(* 1 January 2018 point / out-of-order / titles omitted)

【Official site】

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【Operating environment】
Android 4.4 or later
And non-compliant terminal ZE601K / ZC550KL
※ With regard to the operating environment of the other than the above installation is possible, but it is a behavior warranty.
Please note.
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【Contact us here】
You can contact us through the following e-mail address.
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