Free Download ときめきアイドル 1.2.2 APK Mod – ときめきアイドル Cheat

Free Download 1.2.2 APK Mod Cheat

 Free Download 1.2.2 APK Mod Cheat

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ときめきアイドル – An Overview

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日岡なつみ / 鈴木みのり / 和久井優
川井田夏海 / 青山吉能 / 高木友梨香
稲川英里 / 陽向さおり / 井上ほの花
山下七海 / 近藤玲奈 / 藤川茜
岩倉あずさ / 金田アキ / 早瀬莉花



Android 5.0 以降(メモリ2GB以上推奨)




◆ easy operation of the rhythm game
Challenge to the live stage to choose the five idol!
Rhythm game is simple operation of just tapping the Notes in accordance with the rhythm of the music!
We’ll coordinate with tailored costumes and accessories to the song!
Once cleared music is, auto play is also equipped to Leave it to idle us!
Popular music of nostalgia in the recorded music Konami also!?
※ idols of the costumes can be obtained by Gacha and mission remuneration.
※ part of the above Gacha is available by being consumed was purchased for a fee “rich jewel (in-game currency).”

◆ shooting in live stage lessons, to change of clothes … and leaving school
While both the day-to-day life, let’s built up a relationship of trust with idols!
Not only girls of stage costumes, dress-up also freely everyday wear in the dormitory!
Further communication and in the dormitory, up the motivation of the idols in the community events that occur by clearing the rhythm game!

◆ Mobile VR corresponding gyro mode equipped
Idols of the day-to-day and experience the live stage, even VR
Always and it is one side of the different women are seen?
※ mobile VR is only compatible with some mode.
※ To enjoy the VR mode, you will need the VR goggles.

◆ cast
Hioka Natsumi / Minori Suzuki / Yu Wakui
River Natsumi Ida / Aoyama Yoshino / Takagi TomoRika
Eri Inagawa / HiMuko Saori / Inoue ho of flowers
Nanami Yamashita / Reina Kondo / Akane Fujikawa
Azusa Iwakura / Aki Kanada / rapids 莉花

◆ operating environment
This application is an online game. Please enjoy communication possible environment.

It requires data download of about 900MB at the start of the game after installation.
It may take some time to download the data by radio wave conditions and communication environment of your device.

◇ corresponding OS
Android 5.0 or later (memory 2GB or more recommended)

◇ compatible models

With regard to the problems that occurred in addition to the above corresponding OS will be supported outside. Please note.

◆ “crush idle” is recommended to those who like
Idle can nurture the game likes.
– I am looking for a fun and play music games.
– sound’d love to new experiences in the game.
– Characters are cute are looking for a charming rhythm game.
· VR I want to play the app where you can enjoy any time.
– looking for the idol training game by the fresh voice actors.
Of idle game you want to play the VR application.

◆ careful of when to play the VR mode
– by the light of the stimulus of the blinking of the screen, in rare cases, eye pain, headache, convulsions, disturbance of consciousness, it may occur symptoms of discomfort, or the like. If there is that these symptoms came out, please consult your doctor before use.
During play,, nausea, dizziness, eye fatigue, if you feel an abnormality in the body, such as symptoms similar to motion sickness, immediately stop using the VR goggles, please take sufficient rest.
– Please take a sufficient break if there is discomfort after the play. Please consult a doctor if you break a not very recovery symptoms.
· Check the surrounding circumstances to play before, please use in a safe environment.
And movement and large operation during play, please refrain. Dari fell, there is a risk of injury in such hit around the thing.
And rear of the use of VR goggles instruction manual will carefully read, please play Observe how to use. In addition, since we can not compensate for the fall damage to the smartphone by from the VR goggles, please note.